Your Energy is Your Ecosystem

With all the finite resource of just 24 hours for each one of us, we tend to distinguish our productivity, performance, even perception with the energy we possess. Energy being the pulse of our thinking and doing has the power to heal the universe and vice versa. It fuels our forward leap, thus making it the crux of future, deliberating its ambit to all human activities, be it at home, and school or at an organization.

Aristotle puts it right “Energy is the essence of human mind”….

Thus our main focus should on harnessing and conserving one’s right form of energy…a tedious task, happening effortlessly sometimes but many a times is a good deal of struggle.  Science tells us that “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another”. This requires our energy to be more positive, radiant, reflective and even influencing, which blows the whistle for “Energy Management”

To get our ecosystem vibrating we got to have our energy right… thus some insights to preserve and propagate positive energy…

Tune in to the meet the Insider!  H/she promotes self-love. Self-love makes your life simpler and lighter. A valuable treasure which travels all through your life and would never run out

Tune out all negative naysayers! “Know thyself” – a mantra for self-worth, If you know and acknowledge who you are, how you are then helps to slam all negativity in & around you.

Zone out your distraction, energy eaters by checking your appetite for emailing, chatting, instagraming, liking and sharing. This is a grinding habit now labeled as “Fear of Missing out”- FoMo.

Zoom in for all good healthy habits, to fuel your physical body and spiritual existence. On the face of it seems not possible but with practice falls in place.

Fix your “ENDS” – “MEANS” to follow, we often work the other way around but when your destination is certain with clarity, the means becomes your energy vector determining your displacement with magnitude and direction.

Use Smart power strips, a quick analogy to hook on your sharable responsibilities to the respective accountable sockets, simply DELEGATE ! this allows you to do what you love to do. More passion! More productivity!

Stop Self-sabotage, sometimes we are our worst enemy! Destructive self-talk may cause enough damages, go lite with yourself, keep repeating “I am enough” again and again. Trust me, even If not, eventually you would be…

Feel free to comment your ways to unleash the positive energy. More the ideas, simple the ways and easier for us to spread and exchange positive energy.

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