On Coaching :

Who should hire a coach ?

Coaching is a process which directs action. It is appropriate for any individual, executive, leader who wish to develop him/her for greater commitments, or to perform at their best in the present role or to accelerate their potential to handle challenges.

How is the coaching done?

Individual Coaching sessions generally takes place over the phone unless it has already been decided that the sessions will occur in person. Leadership/Executive and team coaching is mostly done face-to-face , sometimes can be done via telephone, online platforms too, depending on the package.

What is a complimentary session ?

A complimentary session of one hour can be scheduled with Nirmala Guru to identify the purpose of engagement and to fix an agreement for working together as coaching partners. To book a quick appointment call/whatsapp – +974 50437458

What are the privacy terms ?

Every clients’ is guaranteed a confidential coaching partnership. Terms and conditions are discussed and agreed upon before entering into a contract.

What is the cost and what are the packages offered ?

Please call +974 50437458 for a complimentary consultation about your needs. Based on that conversation, the packages and cost of the same will be communicated.
There is a flat fee for an initial three-month engagement. Multiple options exist for ongoing services following the initial engagement. Please call for current fees. Fees are billed monthly, in advance.