Nirmala Guru is a certified Leadership Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, who works with organizations, individuals who wants to realize their potential. She coaches, consults, trains Senior Managers, executives, startups, small business owners.

Nirmala Guru is a premier speaker on leadership and self-mastery, with her cutting edge talks based on research, solutions and insights. She employs fun kinesthetic presentations to electrify and engage the audience, leaving them awestruck.

she holds hers Masters in Public Administration with specialization in Organizational Development and Behavior. She has a dynamic track record in field of Sales, Training and Management with a decade of experience in diverse industries. She has applied her corporate expertise to be a successful coach and consultant to help people excel in their lives !

“Each man always finds one which is his genuine and authentic being. The voice which calls him to that authentic being is what we call ‘VOCATION’. But the majority of men devote themselves to silencing that voice of the vocation and refusing to hear it.”

– Jose Ortega Y Gasset



Get clarity, set your priority, focus on the why, coaching prepares you for radical change, to play next level GAME. Coaching is a co-creative exercise which reasons your quest, addresses your strength & weakness, commits to answer all your BIG WHYs


Coaching re-engineers you and your life to be a great version of yourself, renewing your energy, improving your psychology, empowering you to push you own limitations and makes you meet the BETTER NEW YOU


Tools and tactics of coaching with well-defined protocols helps you to embrace all situations at ease, binds awareness with self-realization, elevates your creativity, paves clarity in thinking, resulting in high productivity and effective performance to scale up as THE BEST